Sunday, August 24, 2014

El Caracol Cafe

My Cheesy Little Secret...Shhh

I was considering whether or not I should reveal this recently found treasure to you all because it's quaint and interesting, and I want it all to myself! 

But now that I have gone twice in 3 days, it will be too selfish of me not to share this El Salvadorean Jewel in the dust.

So let's just get to the food stuff:

Tamales de Elote

This was the first thing I had. The vegetarian version is just made with corn, so there was no filling or anything. Kind of like a steamed cornbread. Not my favourite, but my friend had the Chicken Tamale de Elote which was apparently good.

Tortilla Con Queso
The Best! So cheesy and the cheese was so flavourful, there was some kick of spice in the cheese. And the tortilla itself was not some flimsy sheet of dough, but crispy, yet thick. My friend, on the other hand, could not handle the cheese overload.

Pretty much a bean burrito :). So simple yet yummy and filling, especially when I scoop some of the cheese from my Tortilla con Queso onto my Baleada. You gotta try it!!!

Atole de Elote
This is a corn-based milk dessert. It tasted a bit like a healthy drink that I should be having to get better from a flu, but my friend sure liked it. Will be trying a non-liquid dessert the next time.

(Photo Credit-didn't take a pic of pupusas, so had to grab one from google images)
What I love about the pupusas here is that there is plenty of cheese to satisfy. However the vegetarian cheese pupusas were lacking in flavour. It would be great if they add some beans or maybe even potatoes along with the cheese in the filling. Maybe I'll request that next time :o, wish me luck! And yes there will be a next time very soon.

The ambiance is nothing special. Interesting to look at, low key, yet homely. Have to grab your own water from the water station, which I don't mind at all. I get my water refilled whenever I need it. Service is good, nothing to complain. The washroom is at the back in the kitchen.

Regardless of how the place looks, the food is definitely worth a visit, so don't miss out!

It's my South American dream come true!!!!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen

I like :)

Great service from the waiter who may also be the owner just because he was attentive. We came 30 minutes before the lunch hour closes but he did not hint to us about having to close for lunch like most places would do (can't blame them). Even though the restaurant was busy, the waiter made sure to check on us occasionally. Best part is that when I left my phone here, he actually came after us to return it to me :D.

Dalai Lama Momos (deep-fried) 
I like :)

These were really good. It was vegetarian, yet wholesome and filling. Most restaurants have a hard time making tofu dishes taste good, this one has succeeded. (Another good tofu dish: The Reef's Mo-Ca Burger with Jerk Tofu). 

Palpali Paneer
Don't Like :(

Too creamy and lacking in flavour. Was similar to Shahi Paneer, but definitely not as good.

Tibetan Bun
I don't like :(

I was really expecting more from this bun, but it was just bland and slightly sweet. Kind of like the buns you can get at the Chinese bakeries here, but not as good. My friend, however did enjoy this bun

Will I be back?

I'd like to try the other appetizers on their menu since I've heard good things about them.

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Big Portions :).


The salt in the Veggie Lasagna was over powering :(.

The leftovers tasted good the next day though :).

Service was consistent.

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Leonidas - Poor Service + Meh Dessert = Not Returning

Expected a lot more. Service was lacking severely, two of the ladies working there were being rude and the lady who was serving me crushed my macaron while handing it to me using her bare hand (picture below). Ick.

Rosewater Macaron
The macaron was rosewater flavoured and the filling was really good, but the shell was dry and had a stale taste to it. Patiserrie Fur Elise has a really good rosewater macaron.

The chocolates were nothing special. They were too sweet and did not use good quality ingredients. The only good one was the Ganache chocolate (bottom left), the other 5 were just meh.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Black + Blue

I know what you're thinking; What is a Vegetarian doing at a steak house? What can I say, my friend really wanted to try this place out so not wanting to be a party pooper, I decided to give it a try.

Boy were we disappointed. My friend's steak & salad order was apparently boring. My Grilled Vegetable Panini, pictured below, was just meh.

And service? I don't know if it was because we went for lunch, but it sure was lacking. The waiter serving was not out right rude, but he did not even smile once. Were we giving off the wrong kind of vibe or was he just having a bad day?

My panini was cold for some reason, it is suppose to be grilled isn't it? The vegetables inside smelled kind of like gas??? And the bread was hard. Using fresher bread and heating the food up before serving it could have made all the difference. The salad was also just blah. The fries were actually alright; I enjoyed the flavouring they added to these fries.

The only thing Black + Blue has going for it is the ambiance, but I felt that the fire they had going was too strong and made the room too warm. Oh and the other good part about the place is the host up front who was very friendly. Other than that? Zilch.

I really should have taken the low Urbanspoon rating for this restaurant as a hint about what to expect.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Burgoo Bistro

This Gooey Cheese Griller is the BEST GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH in the city! I mean it, this is a MUST if you have any ounce of love for cheese.

The bread itself is soft and tenderly chewy. It must be soaked in some secret magical ingredient, because I have never tasted that kind of goodness elsewhere.

And even their Spinach Salad, which came as a side, deserves a mention. (This is coming from someone who has no interest in salads whatsoever). The salad is topped with enough dressing and crumbled feta cheese to satisfy my need for flavour. And the added touch of the sweet apple crunch in the fresh veggies and cheese makes this salad extraordinary. 

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Havana Restaurant & Gallery

Update (March 2014)

I was looking for a good brunch place with my buddy on commercial when I remembered that Havanna supposedly has good Brunch. So I finally decided to get over the bad service and food experience from the last time I visited, and give it another shot. We almost missed the cut off time for brunch (2:00 PM is the end of brunch-time) but they were kind enough to let us do brunch.

I ordered the French Toast which is described below, just because it sounded so rich and decadent.

 And boy, it did not disappoint. So scrumptiously full of goodness (not the healthy kind), I was truly satisfied. But remind me not to have so much sugar during the day again, leaves me craving more for the rest of the day.

The service was not rude like last time, it was just average. However, I have to give them points for allowing us to do brunch even though we were hitting it close to the end of brunch.

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