Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Foundation

My friend and I came here for the first time and as a Vegetarian, seeing so many appetizing options on one menu, I felt like a kid in a candy store. So I suggested that we order two dishes and split them half and half. I chose the 'mango forte,' which is a pasta made with mango, broccoli, zucchini and jalapenos in coco sauce and comes with a side salad. I was glad that I was only having half of this dish, because it was just mediocre for me, because I like lots of flavor which I thought this pasta was lacking in, and also it was too sweet for me to enjoy as a main dish. It was still satisfying, given that the pasta was cooked just right, and it had plenty of veggies which made me feel good about myself :).

The highlight of the dinner was what my friend chose the - 'persistent pnut burger,' which has a patty made with quinoa, chick peas, roast onion, and spicy peanut, on a bun, comes with a salad and with a small dish strawberries topped with granola. This sandwich is now one of my TOP TWO Veggie Burgers ever!!!! (The other is the Mo-Ca Burger from The Reef made with Tofu). This burger was just so damn good and it is definitely not your typical burger.

This 'persistent pnut burger' is rich, with a lovely chewy texture with slight hints of crunchy, and had the perfect touch of peanut flavor that wasn't over-powering nor lacking. Ooo! I'm so glad I gave this place a try. My only regret is that I only got to eat half a burger. I will definitely be back to order the whole meal for myself. I also would love to try the salad and strawberry dessert that comes with the peanut burger which my friend said was nice.

The ambience/atmosphere: Grungy, although this was fitting to the theme of the joint, but from what I can see everything seemed clean. It was a bit dark in three-quarters of the restaurant, with miss-matched chairs and table, and a bit too cold for my liking. The feel of the restaurant could do with some improvements perhaps by making the chairs and tables more comfortable. I really liked the quotes on the walls, it was nice to read them while waiting for our food. The service was nothing special, the waitress seemed too busy to be into the job, and she didn't refill my water until at the end when I asked for more water. But these things are in no way going to keep me from coming back. As long as the food is great, "I Will Be Back."

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