Friday, January 4, 2013

Dinner at The Naam

How shall I describe adventure at this hippie joint. This a vegetarian's dream come true. So many yummy-looking dishes, it was a bit hard for me to choose. The menu had different kinds of burritos and enchiladas from Mexico, pasta and pizza from Italy, chappati from India, noodles and stir fries from Thailand, Hawaiian and Indonesian-themed burgers.  It's like they picked dishes from around the world, mixed them up and added their own touch to give you the best of all the good stuff. Just from looking at the menu, I knew I would be coming back for more very soon.

So I was ready to order a Chili Burrito but I don't know what I was thinking and accidentally ordered a Veggie Burrito. (It was a long day at work...sigh). Anyways the large burrito came alongside the Naam Salad - which was pretty good. It had cucumbers, sprouts, beets, carrots, and sunflower seeds put together beautifully with the Naam dressing.

I wasn't quite satisfied with my dish because I really wanted the Chili flavour in my burrito and the Veggie filling just wasn't my thing. However the melted cheese sitting atop my burrito did add some goodness.

My friend ordered the Chilaquiles Enchiladas, and it did not only look yum, but tasted splendid. And no this is not a case of "the grass is always greener on the other side." Perhaps it's because the Chilaquiles had the filling that I had wanted - chilli filling, but I was envious and had to steal some of my friend's filling to satisfy my appetite. Oh, and them Miso-Sesame Fries were pretty good too.

So I will definitely be back to have a full plate of the Chilaquiles Enchiladas, and then back again to try the Maui-Maui Burger and perhaps the Crying Tiger Thai Stir-Fry (just for the name).

As for dessert, that was the first thing I noticed since they had them displayed by the service desk, and we were hoping to try the Shakti Cake, after dinner.
The desserts sounded so wholesome and interesting but we were bursting at our seams by the end so decided to rest our curiosity until next time.

The ambiance has room for improvement because the chairs were not comfy, the tables were small and it was a bit cold. I felt like this place would be more inviting if it was made to look and feel more cozy. Service was friendly, but my water was not refilled, but I can understand as this was a busy night. However, food is what matters most to me, so that alone will bring me back here for more.

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