Sunday, October 28, 2012


Went here on a Saturday night for dinner not expecting much because this place is known for its chicken wings and meat dishes. However I have come to learn how to make do in even the meatiest joints. This place wasn't too bad because they had three vegetarian options on the menu. I had the Mediterranean Flatbread from their Appetizers menu because it looked to be the only option that would satisfy as a main.

When it arrived, I thought it was overloaded with veggies which I don't usually like. But with the first bite into the crispy, yet soft, and flavourful crust topped with a whole lot of mediterranean goodness I was really into it. Wow, it really was one of the best flatbreads/pizzas I've had in a restaurant. Totally not what I expected!
Everyone else that I went with, shared four pounds of 4 different flavours of chicken wings which is what they came for. Unfortunately, they found, as per G, that "our wings were soggy, cold, and not as good as before." I thought this was kind of sad and ironic, because I went expecting a substandard dinner and left super-satisfied, and they were expecting to really enjoy their beloved wings yet left feeling utterly disappointed. In fact, a couple of them decided to eat somewhere else after to make up for the lack of satisfaction.

It's good to know that these meat-centric joints have some good vegetarian fare. It's true that they didn't have many items, but here is a good example of how quality beats quantity.

Highlight: The crust. I have to mention it again because it was really very good. I need to figure out how they made this flavourful crust. Great Bite.

Cost for this dish: $9.48 + TAX
6879 Kingsway
British Columbia V5E 1E4
Hours: Mon - Thu: 7AM - 1AM, Fri - Sat: 7AM - 2AM, Sun: 7AM - 1AM

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