Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Afghan Horsemen Restaurant

To my beloved A. Horsemen

How I love thee. I am such a lucky girl to have found such a wonderful entity. I missed you so much, it has been too long since the last time I saw you. Every time that I think of you my belly aches with longing.

As long as you are around, I will always have somewhere to be even on the rainiest day in Vancity. I hope that we'll see each other often, I want to spend as much time with you as possible.

Thank you for always being there for me.


Okay, enough of the corny stuff. The last time I came here was exactly one year ago for my birthday, and I can't believe that the food is still so very good. However, it's not just the wonderful food that beckons me back to this restaurant, I really enjoy the ambiance. They also have 2 traditional rooms where you sit on the floor amidst pillows and dine on low level tables. (You may have to call in ahead of time to reserve one of these tables).

Today, I ordered the Vegetarian Special which comes, beautifully plated, with baked rice with Kabuli topping (sauteed carrots, raisins and almonds), served with baked eggplant, Dahl (kind of like hummus but made with lentils), Salad with Feta Cheese, and Pakawra (batter fried potatoes). (A vegan version of this plate is also available).  Before being served our main, we were offered complimentary buttered pita bread which was a good start to our dinner. (My friend thought that it would have been better with a dipping).

I stopped eating rice for the longest time because I had it way too often while growing up. The baked rice with Kabuli topping is actually what made me start eating rice again, when I first tried this restaurant in 2008. It's here that I realized that rice doesn't need to be bland and boring. The baked rice with Kabuli topping is such a flavourful dish on its own. However when I mixed it with some of the baked eggplant, which had a slight sweet taste to it, and the Dahl, it was just so yummy. And because I like having fun with my food, I like placing some of the rice, eggplant and Dahl mix onto my Pakawras before biting into it - mmm mmm! I'm not a fan of salads, so it was the one thing that I thought was just ok.

The serving size was plentiful - enough to make me just past full. Overall, the food was delicious. I'm the type of person who likes to add hot sauce, or other condiments and spices to alot of my food. So I don't know how they do it, but the food here is always so flavourful (NOT overpowering or spicy), that no additional condiments or spices are necessary

This is an eatery that I believe everyone should try atleast once.


Cost for this dish: $15.95 + TAX (as of May 22, 2012)
1833 Anderson Street, #202
Vancouver, BC V6H4E5
Price Per Person: $15-$30
Hours: Mon - Wed: 5PM - 10PM, Thu - Fri: 5PM - 11PM, Sat - Sun: 5PM - 10PM

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  1. Superb introduction! Definitely, one of my favourite restaurants too. Have not come across another place in Vancouver, BC where both the decor and food are so inviting.